Joseph & Katie’s CBS Studio Wedding

I had the wonderful opportunity to second shoot with onelove photography at CBS Studios for Joseph & Kaite’s wedding on 5/5/12.  Not only was their wedding held at CBS Studios, they also had their reception on New York street (set of Seinfeld) Bomb!  It was such a pleasure photographing this wedding because the love these two had for one another was outrageous! Such a joy filled couple, who loves the Lord with every part of their being and that being reflected throughout their whole day was the BEST! It was so refreshing being around a group of people who shared in the same beliefs, right down to their bridal party (who by the way all were a CRAZY fun bunch!), guests, planners and all!  Not to mention they had an awesome Photo booth, Magpie Event Co. who specialized in creating this couples candy and dessert station, and also Tasteful Tatters who helped plan, and decorate with their vintage rentals! I would say this was an all around AMAZING wedding! Not to mention, I walked away from this wedding with new life long friends!!

Here is their video that the Talented Joel Muniz shot of their wedding day!


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