Bridal Angel – Bridal Expert & Wedding Coach

At the beginning of this month while shooting a wedding in Rancho Mirage California, I had a wonderful time working with Bridal Angel and her team. These ladies were absolutely amazing! They helped our bride through every step of her wedding day and made sure she was taken care of and felt beautiful from the beginning to end. Bridal Angel takes special care of the details so the bride does not have one thing to worry about, and can she can focus fully on her special once in a lifetime moment. I highly recommend Bridal Angel to all you beautiful brides out there who do not want to worry about anything and pass on the stressful moments to someone who will be there to handle them for you!

~Name, Company, Role

 Angel Smith, Bridal Angel, Bridal Expert & Wedding Coach

~What is the purpose of Bridal Angel?

Bridal Angel is a team of bridal experts and wedding coaches that work with brides to lend them a helping hand during their wedding planning process and wedding day. We are there to support our Brides and Bridal parties any way we can. Our team takes care of the unexpected possible upsets, so that brides can relax.  We believe that a Bride can have a worry free wedding experience. Our goal is to create a wedding day experience that is joyful and stress free for our brides. We are there to support our Brides and Bridal parties. We take care of the unexpected possible upsets, so that you can relax. Our goal is to make sure your wedding day is fairytale perfection!

~How do brides benefit when working with you?
Most brides today have a full time job alongside other responsibilities they take care of on a weekly bias.  Wedding planning is a full time job on its own. Finding vendors, managing timelines, and making guest list can become overwhelming.  Bridal Angel understands the busy life style of today’s modern bride.  We are experts on all things bridal and understand the needs brides have during their wedding planning experience.  Brides who work with our wedding coaches and bridal experts have the added benefit and freedom of taking on as much or as little responsibility as they want for their day.  Bridal Angel’s goal is to put the joy back into wedding planning and take away any stressing concerns our brides may have.

 ~What made you want to begin Bridal Angel?

 I begin Bridal Angel because of my wedding planning experience.  My planning process was a nightmare; almost everything that could go wrong went wrong. I was a full time student when I got engaged and decided to take a break from school to focus on my wedding.  I thought, as many brides do, that I could do all the planning myself.  When it came to the big day I realized that all the mishaps that happened up until that point were somewhat fixed because I was free to fix what I could.  I also realized that I would have no way to be the both bride and the wedding planner on my big day.  I found that this story was true for a lot of brides; the planning experience just gave them more to be stressed about on their day. I wanted to make sure that brides- whether they wanted to have all the control during the planning process or have some help along the way-  had the option of a stress free wedding day and planning experience. This is why we are passionate about weddings! 

~How long have you been in business?

I have been in the wedding industry for 9 years

 ~What inspires you?

 My love for the Lord as well as the love I have for the joyous occasion of celebrating the love of two people is what truly inspire me. I believe that marriage is one of the most amazing gifts given to us by God. I love the fact that every culture has a unique way of celebrating two people becoming one.  

 ~What advice would you give to someone just beginning in your field of the wedding industry?

 Everyone essentially desires their day to be stress free and memorable. My advice for wedding planners just beginning in the industry is to treat each wedding day as if it were your own. If you treat your client’s big day as if it were your own, your passion for what you do and their vision for their day will be married to create an amazing wedding day experience.   

Mock Wedding Shoot-Old LA Zoo

This past monday 8/27, my team and I had put together this AMAZING mock bridal shoot! This shoot turned out wayyyyy better than expected and I could not be happier with the results.  When I started thinking about this mock shoot and what I wanted to create and where I would like to shoot at, I immediately thought of the Old LA Zoo!  There is this great spot in the woods with a dried out stone creek, and these big beautiful trees with these crazy amazing long and windey branches. I had told myself SCORE! It is the perfect place and it sure was!  My team and my team of fellow photographers all brought some very vintage and unique props with them to help create a great scene for our couple and bridal party.  My team consisted of Wardrobe- Lauren Nakagawa, Hair- Haley McElewain, MUA- Arielle Silber, Photographer Assts. Adrain Angeles, Brianna Muniz, & Quinn David, Talent- Phylicia & Yamil Verde of Q Model Management, Enjoil of NEXT models, Alexandra of Aqua Talent Agency, and Jordan Webb and Quinn who are unsigned.

NEXT models. Q Model Management, Aqua Talent Agency