James & Bethany Denver, Colorado E-Session (Wedding Photographer)

While visiting my best friend a.k.a my twin Bethany in Denver back in November, I had the most wonderful opportunity to photograph her & her love James. We ventured off to the foothills of the mountains which was such a gorgeous, rustic, and vintage location that was absolutely PERFECT for the look they wanted for their photos. These two have been dating for quite sometime and it has ALL been long distance, until now; hence the photo of the hand drawn united states. Back in June Bethany made the move to CO, to join her love and to have that much needed time together before they tie the knot this June!  I am beyond thrilled, excited, and happy that these two found and fell in love with one another, they truly bring out the best in one another and I am ecstatic to be part of this whole journey 🙂 Yayy! “Cheers to Love”.

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