James & Bethany Denver, Colorado E-Session (Wedding Photographer)

While visiting my best friend a.k.a my twin Bethany in Denver back in November, I had the most wonderful opportunity to photograph her & her love James. We ventured off to the foothills of the mountains which was such a gorgeous, rustic, and vintage location that was absolutely PERFECT for the look they wanted for their photos. These two have been dating for quite sometime and it has ALL been long distance, until now; hence the photo of the hand drawn united states. Back in June Bethany made the move to CO, to join her love and to have that much needed time together before they tie the knot this June! ¬†I am beyond thrilled, excited, and happy that these two found and fell in love with one another, they truly bring out the best in one another and I am ecstatic to be part of this whole journey ūüôā Yayy! “Cheers to Love”.

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Now Booking State & Destination 2013 Weddings (Southern California Wedding Photographer)

State & Destination Wedding Photographer NOW booking for 2013 Weddings!!!

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Going Lovely- California Wedding Event Design & Coordination

“Going Lovely”

Christie & PJ

Going Lovely is an AMAZING amazing Event Design and Coordination team/company. These two lovely friends created and formed Going Lovely out of a joy of things beautiful and lovely. These two fabulous ladies have so many creative and unique ideas to help your dream wedding come to life from beginning to end! ¬†I love the fact that they do practically everything vintage, rustic and whimsical and it is all breathtakingly awesome! I promise you brides, couples, families, friends hiring Going Lovely for your wedding or event will be one of the best decisions that you could make, to ensure that your wedding or event is memorable, unique, creative, and have your guests talking for years to come! So what are you waiting for… Call them today! ūüôā

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Name, Company, Role:
Going Lovely – Event design & Coordination
Partners – Christie & PJ
What is the purpose of Going Lovely?
We at Going Lovely have a passion for making things lovely, inspiring creativity, and helping others’ dreams become a reality. Nothing gets us going more than a great project and making an average space shine. We’ve realized that while most people enjoy pretty things, not everyone has the same passion for putting it all together and making it happen. That’s where we come in!
How do brides benefit when working with you?
Weddings are such an important event that involve lots of time and planning and can sometimes be a little stressful – especially for the couples who don’t have the time or who may not be as into planning or designing. ¬†We offer a few different packages that benefit all brides with different needs.¬†
Full planning & design- We handle everything from finding the venue, handpicking vendors and designing all the details, to handling all of the day of setup and coordination.

Full design & partial planning РThis is for the bride that already has their venue picked and vendors chosen but really needs help designing the details and making it all happen. We offer full design and help manage the vendors and timeline leading up to the big day and are there for setup and coordination to make sure everything goes smoothly.
Day of coordination & setup – There are tons of talented brides out there who love to craft and DIY. For the brides who have their design all laid out but need someone with their same “eye” to put it all together day, we can do that too!
What made you want to begin Going Lovely?
PJ – I’ve always known that I wanted to have a job where I’m constantly creating something new. I loved the work I did with Anthropologie and Bloomingdales following art school, but hoped to someday work for myself and have creative freedom. I started to read a lot of wedding blogs when I got engaged and¬†knew that I wanted to have a unique and handmade wedding. I then realized that doing this for others¬†would be the perfect opportunity to continue to follow my passion and live out my dream.
Christie¬†–¬†Growing up I always loved designing and decorating (I was constantly rearranging my room and sewing for my dolls), but I didn’t end up pursuing that creative drive.¬†
However it happened, I found my way into Corporate America. But that drive was renewed once I discovered the world of decorating design blogs and it continued while planning and hand-crafting my own wedding. I didn’t want the planning to end once the wedding was over (which is when I realized I’m somewhat unique!) and wanted to find a way to pursue my passion and creative interests. Once I met PJ, things with Going Lovely fell into place and I couldn’t be happier doing what we do!
How long have you been in business?
Since August 2010.
What inspires you?
We find inspiration everywhere! It’s amazing where we end up drawing our inspiration. All we have to do is open our eyes and put forth the tiniest amount of effort and we can pick it up everywhere. We are addicted to blogs, Pinterest, travelling, nature, music, “treasure hunting” at thrift stores and flea markets, art, and of course by all of the other talented individuals in the industry.¬†
What advice would you give to someone just beginning in your field of the wedding industry?
Biggest piece of advice would be to just go for it and follow your passion! If you really love what you do and work hard, things will fall into place. It’s also really important to make sure you’re doing things for the right reasons. It’s tough work starting a business and you really have to love what you do and stay motivated. Getting to know others in the industry and learning from them is also hugely beneficial.

Marc & Gia Wedding Sneak (Southern California Wedding Photographer)

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Venue- TPC Valencia, Video Marketer- Adrian Angeles, and 2nd Shooter-Quinn

Marc & Gia were such a fun couple to meet and hangout with for their E-Session and their Wedding day.  They are so goofy and laid back that it made for the perfect day!  These two lovebirds got married and had their reception at the TPC Valencia overlooking a beautiful golf course with a gorgeous view of the mountains in the distance (Not to mention how amazing the food is- TPC has an award winning chef as their head guy).  Anyways, Gia is a very DIY kind of a girl and her wedding definitely reflected that from top to bottom! I LOVE DIY weddings, they are the best, because you can get as creative as you want and brides can create the perfect setting of their dreams that make it personal to them as possible.

Bridal Angel – Bridal Expert & Wedding Coach

At the beginning of this month while shooting a wedding in Rancho Mirage California, I had a wonderful time working with Bridal Angel and her team. These ladies were absolutely amazing! They helped our bride through every step of her wedding day and made sure she was taken care of and felt beautiful from the beginning to end. Bridal Angel takes special care of the details so the bride does not have one thing to worry about, and can she can focus fully on her special once in a lifetime moment. I highly recommend Bridal Angel to all you beautiful brides out there who do not want to worry about anything and pass on the stressful moments to someone who will be there to handle them for you!

~Name, Company, Role

 Angel Smith, Bridal Angel www.facebook.com/mybridalangel, Bridal Expert & Wedding Coach

~What is the purpose of Bridal Angel?

Bridal Angel is a team of bridal experts and wedding coaches that work with brides to lend them a helping hand during their wedding planning process and wedding day. We are there to support our Brides and Bridal parties any way we can. Our team takes care of the unexpected possible upsets, so that brides can relax.  We believe that a Bride can have a worry free wedding experience. Our goal is to create a wedding day experience that is joyful and stress free for our brides. We are there to support our Brides and Bridal parties. We take care of the unexpected possible upsets, so that you can relax. Our goal is to make sure your wedding day is fairytale perfection!

~How do brides benefit when working with you?
Most brides today have a full time job alongside other responsibilities they take care of on a weekly bias.  Wedding planning is a full time job on its own. Finding vendors, managing timelines, and making guest list can become overwhelming.  Bridal Angel understands the busy life style of today’s modern bride.  We are experts on all things bridal and understand the needs brides have during their wedding planning experience.  Brides who work with our wedding coaches and bridal experts have the added benefit and freedom of taking on as much or as little responsibility as they want for their day.  Bridal Angel’s goal is to put the joy back into wedding planning and take away any stressing concerns our brides may have.

 ~What made you want to begin Bridal Angel?

 I begin Bridal Angel because of my wedding planning experience.  My planning process was a nightmare; almost everything that could go wrong went wrong. I was a full time student when I got engaged and decided to take a break from school to focus on my wedding.  I thought, as many brides do, that I could do all the planning myself.  When it came to the big day I realized that all the mishaps that happened up until that point were somewhat fixed because I was free to fix what I could.  I also realized that I would have no way to be the both bride and the wedding planner on my big day.  I found that this story was true for a lot of brides; the planning experience just gave them more to be stressed about on their day. I wanted to make sure that brides- whether they wanted to have all the control during the planning process or have some help along the way-  had the option of a stress free wedding day and planning experience. This is why we are passionate about weddings! 

~How long have you been in business?

I have been in the wedding industry for 9 years

 ~What inspires you?

 My love for the Lord as well as the love I have for the joyous occasion of celebrating the love of two people is what truly inspire me. I believe that marriage is one of the most amazing gifts given to us by God. I love the fact that every culture has a unique way of celebrating two people becoming one.  

 ~What advice would you give to someone just beginning in your field of the wedding industry?

 Everyone essentially desires their day to be stress free and memorable. My advice for wedding planners just beginning in the industry is to treat each wedding day as if it were your own. If you treat your client’s big day as if it were your own, your passion for what you do and their vision for their day will be married to create an amazing wedding day experience.